Traffic rules

The traffic regulations describe how a road user must behave on public roads, so that traffic flows safely and smoothly. It is expected that all road users know and apply the traffic regulations. Sometimes traffic regulations will appear a bit unclear. However, all rules in the regulations have been well thought through, so it is also important to know the underlying line of thought.

Priority rules

  • Priority from the right
  • Give way
  • Main road & side road
  • Priority road
  • Traffic lights
  • Police signals
  • Roundabout
  • Road narrowing

Priority from the right

Warning for an uncontrolled crossroad

Give way

Give way to all drivers

Stop and give way to all drivers

Main road & side road

Bestuurders op een zijweg moeten voorrang geven aan de bestuurders op de hoofdweg.

Warning for a crossroad side roads on the left and right

Warning for side road on the right

Priority road

Begin of a priority road

End of the priority road

Traffic lights

By means of light signals, traffic lights control the crossing of an intersection, the access to bridges, tunnels and railway crossings, the access to parking garages and grounds, as well as the access regulation at factories, companies and other closed areas.

Green traffic light

Orange traffic light

Red traffic light

Police signals


A roundabout is a kind of circular intersection in which the traffic continuously drives in one direction around a central island. The drivers at the roundabout always have priority.

Mandatory direction of the roundabout

Roundabout with multiple lanes

Road narrowing

Road narrowing, oncoming drivers have to give way

Road narrowing, give way to oncoming drivers

Warning for a road narrowing on the left

Warning for a road narrowing

Warning for a road narrowing on the right


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